Monday, December 20, 2010

Gettin’ Down on the Couch with Max

Now, why would anyone want to do that?  LOL!  Hey, I’ve got an idea: I can tell you about it here, but even better, I can show you!  It’s all right there on my new clip “Big Max Comes Over To Play, Part 2: On the Couch.”  Coming soon to my store at

Big Max and I made no effort to behave anymore this time than we did in the first clip of this series, “Outside” (see my previous blog, and that clip in my store).

And the couch WAS, by the way, considerably more luxurious than that lawn chair, so we were ready to misbehave in cushiony comfort!!!
But first, with the “Outside” daytime filming done and "in the can", we all decided it was time for a supper break and to talk about what we wanted to accomplish for our evening shoot.

Max and I eased our way into the action after having done the earlier shoot and taking a break, but I’ve got to tell you, my pussy was just begging me to let this BBC enter again and take over. 

When he’s inside my love tunnel, there’s no room for anything else!

Of course, when he did it, the sensation was fucking fabulous.

Pretty much, I felt filled up -- and fulfilled -- right off the bat (on his fat Bat lol), but I wanted more.  Some big surprise, huh?
Going down several times on Max, I played, licked and sucked his super-cock, and had fun spreading my saliva all over to make it especially slippery – oh so good for Louisa handling and Max fucking.  Yes!  And besides, a nice shiny dick looks so hot on film, doesn't it?

Sometime into the fun, and without my prior knowledge, Max did a thing to me that I’d never experienced before...he stuck a few fingers up my hole and -- to my surprise -- made me squirt!!!

Okay, so I’m green. I admit it. I've never squirted before. But let me tell you, this was a feeling like none other I had ever had. Frankly, I had doubted that I ever would.

On the other hand, my sexy girlfriend Hotwife Kay did tell me that if anyone could get me to spray like a juicy fruit, it would be Big Max.  Well, she was definitely right.

Not only did he do it once, but a few minutes later had me squirting again.  It was gggrrrrrreat!  And such a lovely mess too!

Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Big Max" Presents his BBC

My first clip with Big Max, "Big Max Comes Over to Play, Part 1: Outside" is coming soon to my store at

Here's how it came to be.

One recent weekend, I had the pleasure of filming with porn star and producer "Big Max". Getting all slutty with him (and his "Big Thing" -- lol!) turned into an especially exciting event for me.

Of course, just getting ready to meet someone new to film with and fuck is always a fun process: I love going to my rack of play/film clothes, with my growing assortment of high heels and fuck-me boots scattered below, to decide what sexy slut-wear will make this Horny Wife feel her baddest.

And by that I mean, what will best turn my guest on.  I love my collection of play-wear, and have a special fondness for tops I can let my tits spill out of, and very, very short skirts -- the ones that barely cover my crotch.

I want to make hot juices build up behind his love spigot so I can later assist with the pressure release. Ooohhh Yesss...! Give it to me Baby!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  When planning for this shoot, Hubby James and I wanted plenty of time to relax and get to know Max before getting down to filming, so we invited him to cum over to our own humble abode.

As he arrived around mid-afternoon, I was very impressed with my first glance at this Big Man.  He was well-dressed, adorned with earrings (which I love), and had a presence that exuded sex, power, smarts, and gentleness… a winning combo to say the least.  He in return, seemed very pleased with the sex package (Me!) presented to him.  And that felt so good!

To my delight, within minutes of entering our home, Max showed me his BBC, and I did gaze... closely!

His was the biggest cock I ever had the privilege of meeting. Thanks Max!

I couldn't wait to taste this black, thick monstrosity, so I did not restrain the impulse.  Gliding my tongue along and around his seemingly endless cock skin, I savored my first taste of what was to cum, and wondered how deeply I could suck his thing down my throat.

But there were many things to be done before we got down to the dirty business I'd been waiting for, so I had to pull back and be patient for my first real, free playtime with Big Max.  That was hard.

James helped Max unload bags and equipment from his vehicle and started the process of getting things set up for our afternoon and evening of fun.  Since it was a beautiful, sunny fall day, we decided to take advantage of the relative seclusion that the many bushes out in our backyard offered, and do a little filming. Yay, finally!

We strolled from the back door to the area designated for this hot outdoor fling and got right into it.  Max is a very dominating person which was a nice change for me.  Usually, I’m the one who takes control but it did feet great submitting to this Big Black Daddy!!

While sitting in the chair James had put out for this purpose, I started working my mouth on Max's BBC, but after some introductory licks and sucks, he took control.

He grabbed hold of my hair and directed my mouth to do his, um… bidding.  I gladly heeded to his commands and soon found myself deep-throating his massive cock.  I’d swear the head of his dick hit my vocal cords.  What a nasty thrill!!!

He cock-whipped my face, fucked my breasts and then stood me up (in a good way – lol!), turned me around, and fucked my pussy from behind.  As my ears heard "Oooohhhh Fuck!" several times, I knew my tight pussy had succeeded in making yet another guy’s cock feel the pleasure nature intended.

With the daytime filming "in the can", we all decided it was time for supper break and some discussion over what exactly we wanted to accomplish for our evening shoot.  Munching down on some well deserved pizza, diet coke and wine, James and I got to learn more about who Big Max was and his experience producing porn.  I was honored to be filming with him and told him so.

For the evening shoot, we would first play on a couch and then really get down on a bed.  With cameras and lights ready, it was time to have some FFF - Fucking Fun Filming.  I'll tell you all about those shoots in my next blog, and be sure to include plenty of pictures!

I hope you've enjoyed this story about my fun time with "Big Max" and that you will stop by my store to view and purchase my first clips with this hot-shit gentleman porn star.

Till next time, be naughty and have lots of sex.

Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cellar Cex

Hello Sexy Friends,

My new clips "Cellar Cex, Part 1 & 2" are now up in my store.
This is the first in what we hope to be a series showcasing my pre-Lusty Louisa days.  When these private playtimes were taped, never in a million years would I have thought that I would be showing the world my homemade porn.  But here’s the first batch in all its glory.
The setting for these first two particular clips was a rainy afternoon. I remember thinking to myself "how would I like to spend this time?"  The answer was most predictable: "I'll dress up sexy, dance, and then fuck my horny hubby James!"  Of course, being the sexual animal that he is, it didn't take much coaxing to get him to "play" along.  Actually, I should say that it took no coaxing at all.We've both known for the 18+ years that we've been together, that whenever I dress up in lingerie, provocative attire, or regular clothes worn in revealing and suggestive ways, all of which we've come to collectively refer to as "playwear", well... something else ends up "going up" too -- lol! (Through the years, I've accumulated quite a selection of naughty clothes as a result of this.)So I dressed up in one of my sexy outfits (something that I adore doing), covered myself in a long leather coat (you can't give it all away at once, ya know!) and began acting on the fact that he was ready (more like panting!!!) and waiting rather impatiently.  I'm really bad when it comes to not letting my sexual playmate pounce on me when his body and mind are yearning to dive in, but you know what they say -- Good things "cum" to those men who wait.  Isn't that how it goes?  OK, so this happy slut can sometimes be a tease, but it's a build up that always finds it's release... and sometimes the explosions of erotic energy can be memorable, to say the least!

Anyway, after some fun, playful teasing, I reveal myself and let him have his first taste of me.  His tongue feels so good when I know how much he is craving and -- not so subtly --devouring the nectar of my own arousal.  The way he works his way around the various parts of my pussy, and slides the tip of his tongue way into my love-tunnel, affects my entire body as though I were on a massage table.

As things progress, I decide to put on some music that I can fuck to.  Have you ever fucked to music?  Let me tell you, when I put on music with a good beat, I find myself falling into the "I'm going to fuck you to the beat" zone.  It's an unbelievably fun, sexy, and sometimes delightfully dominating place to be.  I'm sure that you'll be able to see how the music affects me.

It felt so good spending the afternoon the way I wanted... enjoying my favorite past-time -- fucking -- and everything else that felt right at the time.  What could be better!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy "Cellar Cex" with Hubby James and myself and all that we did to pass the time during that rainy afternoon.

Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sex in the Woods

My idea of camping attire.
Over the last few years, our camp outs have become increasingly naughty sexual adventures in the great outdoors, and that’s just fine with me!  My Hubby James (the Pervert!) has always been turned on by the idea of sex and pornography in the woods, and the outdoors in general (and anywhere else for that matter – LOL!), but it wasn’t something I ever found too thrilling because of the B-U-G-S.

Our horny outdoor forays typically involved just the two of us, but now, as Lusty Louisa, it is happily apparent that if I keep my eyes open, surprising opportunities for a little extra hanky-panky often present themselves.
Guess where Hubby James sat down after he shot this picture!

On this year’s Labor Day camping trip in the Green Mountains of Vermont, I immediately zeroed in on a Park Ranger named Jeff.  Upon check-in, I felt a definite connection with this young stud sitting in his uniform behind the bottom half of the stable door.  His not-too-subtle glances at my boobs, which were almost falling out of my low cut top, gave me my opening.  Catching him in the act, I winked suggestively, and gave my chest a little thrust in his direction.  In a throaty voice I told him I looked forward to seeing him again. It was a salacious solicitation that would have sent any healthy post-puberty boy off into the woods, behind the shack, or wherever, to yank his wanger until his cake was frosted.  I wondered if Ranger Jeff did something like that after we left.  (If you jerk off to this blog, please write and tell me about it!)

It was late in the day when my Hubby James and I arrived to our beautiful campsite -- the most private one in the park. Our lean-to sat on a hill facing away from all the rest, and our libidos tingled thinking of the freedoms we would soon take advantage of.  It was the Thursday before Labor Day weekend, and so warm and humid that we perspired from the effort of setting up… pretty unusual for that season, altitude, and time of day.  Still, there were so few bugs that this bug-hating girl sang the evening’s praises, making James very happy as he swept the lean-to clean.  In shorts and T-shirts we stapled sheets across the shelter’s open front to create a roomy private space inside.

Landing my pussy on the "dressing room" bed.
James labored diligently to make the bed on the hard lean-to floor meet with my approval, covering thick foam pads with layers of cotton batting, and topping it all with sheets, pillows and blankets. Let me tell you, it was as comfy as my bed at home.  Now this is the way to go camping!!!

As darkness fell, James found me inside our own candle-lit “hotel room in the woods” changing my pants.  His tongue almost dragged on the floor as he crawled in on the carpet (yes, carpet!!!) and begged for a lick of my “Sweet Honey”. My exposed pussy-lips swelled with anticipation.  “Well,” I thought, “he had worked so hard.”  I leaned back on a pillow and spread my legs wide.  At first he came sniffing like a dog, then buried his face in my Garden of Eden.  He breathed in deeply and held my scent in his lungs as though would get him high. I guess it worked!  My nectar of my forbidden fruit was already flowing and I climaxed almost as soon as he began lapping it up like a thirsty puppy.  It was a great lead-in to supper!

After a well-earned dinner, it was still so warm that we strolled down to the lake shore for an evening swim. Being after 10:00pm, we tried to be really quiet as we wound our way past tents and campers, many with young children, and down to the water. 

The lake appeared deserted, but we took a good look around just to make sure.  Satisfied that we were alone, we disrobed and waded into the cool water. Venturing deeper, we were startled by an approaching silhouette that had apparently escaped our notice.  Our cautious, softly spoken “hello” was greeted with a friendly “Hey guys!” It was Ranger Jeff in the flesh… and I mean just the flesh!  Wow!  Waste deep in the clear water, we greeted each other like old friends and marveled at the stars and Milky Way for a few minutes, until Jeff said that he needed to start his evening rounds.

My body felt on fire as we emerged from the lake into the open air together.  I made no attempt to hide my lustful gaze on his body. It was perfect and I wanted it. I struggled to keep from reaching for his star-lit dong… it was right there, after all.  All I had to do was reach over and grab it!

But Jeff was ready to leave, damn it! While drying off – and I think displaying himself to me -- he mentioned that Saturday was his night off and he wasn’t sure what he'd be doing.  James chimed in like a good little hubby and invited Jeff to stop by our lean-to and enjoy the fire with us. What a sweetheart!  With a curious “Hmmm,” Jeff said "Maybe" as he started away. That’s when I “tripped” in his direction. Ooops! How clumsy!  He caught me, and his hands briefly – all too briefly -- brushed my body both “up there” and “down there.”  Maybe I helped that a little; I'm not sure.  But my instinctive moan signaled approval as I regained my balance.  I shook my hair, threw my shoulders back, and stood straight.  That may be when Jeff came to understand just how real our invitation was.

Getting a little behind setting up the table.

What I did when Hubby James said "Cheese!"
The next couple of days were filled with lustful activities.  Friday, during the day, Hubby took pictures of me in sexy outfits and in various stages of undress... until we had to stop and “use the lean-to.” What might be called “groinal groans”soon filled the air... or perhaps they were more like “genitalia grunts.”  I don’t know.  Anyway, here are a few more of those pictures of me behaving badly for the camera.

Proof there were no mosquitoes!

Okay, my tits are out. Now what?

That night, after supper and in front of the fire, I decided to make one of James’s fantasies cum true.  Upon informing him of my intentions, he pulled out his “petrified log,” turned toward me, and -- with a big smile -- began stroking it. “I love being able to do this in front of you” he declared. His wish?  To see his cum all over my face and boobs by the light of the fire.  It turned me on too, and I started playing with myself.  When his pants fell to the ground, my tits came out.

I kept a mouthful to savor.
He lifted onto his toes to shoot his wad across my waiting face and open lips.  He produced a surprising amount of cum, especially after fucking me earlier in he day, but I guess doing it in the outdoors keeps him good and horny.  His creamy goo was scrumptious. As I licked my chops, I let some dribble off my cheek and down to my breast.  A bit of that ran to my right nipple.  We were giddy with delight watching his fresh cum dangle in the fire’s light. Oh, what a night.

No, there wasn't any poison ivy!
Saturday, after a good night’s sleep and tasty breakfast, we made plans to try a video shoot in the nearby woods.  James brought his equipment (camera equipment…lol) to an area behind our campsite and put down a white sheet on the forest floor for my use.  I felt so naughty stepping out of the lean-to in my white see-through robe.  Down the path I walked toward James in full daylight, knowing that someone might see.  In my black bra, high white boots, and black pantyhose -- with a nice open crotch so my pussy could feel the fresh forest breeze pass through – it occurred to me that this was not your typical outdoors attire – lol!!!  But I was high the sexual adrenalin pumping through my veins, so after posing for the lens, I made my way to the white sheet, sat down, leaned back, and masturbated to the stimulation of such utter exposure in the open woods. What a rush!

Pure as the driven snow!
After the shoot, my mind turned to Jeff.  Had he already spied on us?  I hoped so. Would he stop by? Well, it didn’t take long to find out.  He arrived shortly after supper with a bottle of wine in hand.  The three of us -- Jeff on my right and James on my left -- sat at the fire sipping our drinks of choice and laughing at his stories of managing a family campground.  But James gets impatient, so he made the first advances, running his hand over my thigh and crotch.  Jeff read the signal, and my new Mr. Ranger Man followed quickly with his first tentative move.  With his hand on my knee, I leaned over and gave him an appreciative peck on the cheek. Now, with four hands wandering my body, I guided Jeff’s under my shirt to caress the fullness of my boobies so warmed by the fire.

Is this how you stop the train?
Remembering his quick brush of my titties down by the water, I urged him to "take it slow this time!!!"  He laughed, and I could see that he was really enjoying this, so I arched my back to unzip my pants, and pulled his strong Ranger Hand down to feel my own blazing furnace. No verbal invitation was needed for me to reach for his crotch and feel his hardness.  “I wish I had done this two days ago,” I grunted.  James drew a deep breath, pulled his hands away, beamed at me, and gave me the nod.  What a considerate guy!  Turning to Jeff, I asked if he would like to see how nicely we had set up the inside of the lean-to.  He hesitated at my blatant come-on, but gained his composure and got up to follow me, or maybe my hot boobies, through the curtains.

Inside, he pulled me against his buff body so I could feel his throbbing cock.  My mouth watered with the thought of taking him.  A quick rub of his crotch-bulge and a kiss later, I directed his hand to one of my bodacious ta-tas and demanded he “feel me up!”  He stood back and looked at me with one hell of a devilish grin, then purposefully, almost in slow motion, lifted his other hand under my shirt to my other boob.  My nipples swelled like giant goose bumps -- my body’s signal to do what I so love to do… pull my tits out into the open for him to see and play with.  Go right ahead, Big Boy!

 I always love that moment!  I pushed my erect nipples his way, and he responded by landing his lips, shiny with my saliva, on one, and sucked just enough for the tip to slide to his tongue inside.  He switched to the other nipple, and then -- somewhat maniacally -- back again.  And again.  Grabbing his belt buckle, I tore open his pants and got my first well-lit look at his “Ranger Rick Dick".  With a firm, full-handed grip, I wrapped my palm and fingers around his naked shaft right in the middle and yanked it my way.  The glint at the tip of his erection drew me down for a taste of his precum.  I love the stuff almost as much as cum itself!

Our moans grew less restrained, and I got turned on even more by the thought Hubby James hearing all this from right outside. I just knew he’d be playing with his own "happy dick" by now. He’s a true Horny Pervert, and I am so glad to oblige him. Ranger Jeff and I fell to the makeshift bed where he pulled my pants down around my knees and off over my feet. My panties stayed on, and I insisted he take a whiff of my obvious wet-spot before allowing him remove them. The memory gets a little fuzzy from here on, but I can report that we kissed, licked, sucked and fucked with glee. As he shoved his hard-on deep inside me, I could feel every square inch of slippery contact between his choo-choo train and my love tunnel as it ventured in, then backed out. Then in and out again.  I went down on him several different times without letting him cum, but finally told him "Give it to me, I want it!"  His hot load poured through my open lips, and there it was: a mouthful delicious Ranger Cum. Whatever he'd been eating made for great tasting semen. A little dribbled out to my chin for him to see, and his expression told me he enjoyed that.  Guys love to see their cum on a woman’s face and lips, and baby, do I love to show them!

Jeff’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head as I smeared his hot load over my lips with my tongue, telling him how good it tasted!  This was all he needed to start fucking me again, and to go down on me orally for my final climax.  He then went back in for his.  Jeff’s groans got loud, and I think he almost yelled “I’m cumming!” as he emptied the last of his reserves into my cum-chamber.  There was a big wet spot on the blue comforter, and we were briefly entertained watching more of the saliva/cum mixture ooze from my engorged pussy-lips onto the fabric... right on Hubby James' side of the bed.

Lusty Louisa plays with fire.
That’s when I noticed a pair of eyes peering in through the open corner of the curtains.  I smiled and my Hubby’s eyes smiled right back.  What a great way to climax!  Wanting to give James more of a good show, I reached down with my three middle fingers to scoop up some of the sticky stew covering my cunt, stared into Jeff’s eyes, slowly carried the delightful mess over my open lips, and let the yummy stuff trickle a drop at a time onto my quivering tongue. With two guys watching, I milked the act for all it was worth.  I wanted to make them squirm with excitement.  Jeff rose to his knees in front of me, unaware of the third set of eyes “in the room” and I leaned forward to give our Friendly Park Service Employee an equally friendly and thorough cleaning.

His member was flaccid now, but he seemed lost in the sensation as I rolled his Mr. Softie around inside my still hungry mouth.  James had snuck back to his seat in front of the fire when we heard him say “Hey, what are you guys doing in there?!!!”  We all laughed at the open joke. What a great feeling this sexy openness is. Everyone should try it!

Ranger Jeff struggled back into his clothes, but I just wrapped myself in a robe to go sit with him and Hubby James for a while. We hung out with easy smiles and a lot of silent touching in the fire’s glow.  Jeff called it a night, and left with the promise that we should get together again if he was here the next time we came up.  I agreed, and would have loved to read his thoughts as he walked off into the dark.

Feeling the heat.
But I didn’t muse for long.  As soon as Mr. Park Service and his fire-poker were gone, I caught that familiar sparkle in my hubby’s eyes by the deep red light of the campfire, and knew what he wanted: Sloppy Seconds!  He’s such a Goddam Pervert!  Well, I had what he wanted, and my libido was still cranking, so we tongue-fucked and stumbled back into the lean-to.  He said he could smell the cum on my breath and stuck his tongue down my throat.  Our tongues “wrestled” inside my hot, wet mouth as I positioned myself to give him access to my bloated, well-used pussy.  Going down on me, his tongue and my clitoris folded together like old lovers as he expertly caressed my ripened hot spot. Coming back up to “tongue fuck” his Hot Wife some more, his hard dick slid effortlessly into my cunt-hole, now distended, slippery and wet with fluids from all three of us. I just love the feeling of a well-trafficked pussy.

“Wow, another rock-solid erection” I thought to myself.  But he pulled right back out, brought his throbbing proboscis up to my mouth where I joyfully slurped and lapped up leftover juices from Jeff, and everyone else.  In my cunt, in my mouth -- back and forth James went until I felt him shoot onto my tongue. He tried, but failed to stifle a thunderous “yarghhhh!!!”  It was late, so at least a few of our camping neighbors must have heard, and wondered about that.  I just love when they have to wonder!

With that, we ate a midnight supper, sat with some more wine in front of the freshly stoked fire, and wound down another heck of a nice day (and night!!!) in the woods.

"Cum on back" and see me again soon!
Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Clips Store is up and running!

Hello to you all,

It's finally happened!  I have my own store where you can find and buy my first batch of video clips that me and my Hubby James (aka, The Professor) have worked so hard to make.  I'd be lying if I were to say I wasn't amazed.  Half a year ago I wouldn't have believed I'd be here doing this now, but here I am, and now my naughty side is  public, and out there for anyone to see.  And I hope they do see.  So please, I invite you to go take a look at  Don't pay too much attention to those little previews they offer; they are generated automatically and we will be replacing them with better samples soon.  The Professor and I have packed a lot into each clip because we want you and many others to keep coming back.  We hope you'll like what you see...and hear, lol.  Hopefully, we'll have some good trailers available to give you a better taste of what we have to offer.  I'll be sure to let you know when we do!

This whole effort has been a fantastic turn-on for me and my loving hubby, and has put a little extra "spring" into our steps as we've worked toward this day.  No, make that A LOT of extra spring!  Now we can't wait to make more.  I have to thank two very special and friendly people, Hotwife Kay and her hubby Gee, who's help, knowledge, and guidance are the reason I'm here now, and why I am able to share all of this with you. Check out Kay's hot website at or just search HotwifeKay and you'll be sure to find her. She and her hubby Gee are also working on getting up and running, but it's not too early to go take a sneak peek at what promises to be an exciting new site.  I am thrilled to be a part of this adventure. You can also link to Hotwife Kay's site and my store from there.

I hope the real sexual excitement we feel as a result of videotaping my slutty encounters and making them available to you is contagious.  We do believe that if you give us and our clips a chance, you will feel the heat.  Who knows, maybe we'll even meet and get naughty for the video camera together someday.

Juicy Smooches,
Hotwife Louisa

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Day of Deep Sea Fishing

Hello to all my new sexy friends,Thanks for visiting my Blog! Wow, was the weather great on Saturday for a perfect day of deep sea fishing with three of my coworkers.  We met at my place around 10:45 a.m., and packed everything up into my friend Diane's vehicle.  We had coolers, cameras and binoculars, and homemade orange glazed poppy seed bread.  The ride down went fast as we all had adrenalin flowing for the activities of the day.  Not surprisingly, my own visions included how exhilarating it was going to be meeting men who knew how to bait their hooks, and where to go to find their catch.  My kind of guys!!  Anyways, after getting to our destination, we checked in and had a delicious lunch on the wharf.  Well, let me tell you, a few heads turned as I gently slid my french fries in and out of my mouth one-by-one to get the salt off them before moving in for that bite.  What fun I had making eye contact with a few men while my coworkers were none the wiser.  We boarded the boat at 3:20pm and headed out at 3:30.  The trip to our fishing spot took about an hour… time enough for everyone to kick back, enjoy the sights, and enjoy themselves in whatever way they wanted to (well, almost!  LOL).  I sat near the side of the boat with Diane, Kimberly and Charlie and put my feet up so that I could feel the full affect of the suns rays beating down on my body.  Soon, a feeling of heat flowed over me with a sensuality I hadn't experienced before.  It was so fantastic that I had to excuse myself, find the women's restroom and masturbate to complete this enjoyable experience. The ship was noisy, so I didn't think twice about moaning a little while straddling the toilet and stimulating my clitoris with saliva-coated fingers. This new Hotwife state of mind is liberating, to say the least!  Why else would I be pleasantly surprised by the huge, knowing smile given me by a guy standing outside the door as I left.  Ooops!  In my past life, I probably would have been mortified to be found out like that!  But it's a new world for me, and I LOVE IT!  What a great moment of interaction and pleasure I had given myself and him.  These little things are now so wonderful!  I went back to sit with my friends whom all smiled upon my return.  If they only knew.  A little further into the trip, the wind started lifting spray off the ocean that was hitting everyone.  A lot of people chose to go inside the cabin, but I decided to sit and enjoy the spray, allowing it to accumulate on my exposed skin.  Before too long, the feeling started to take an exciting and unexpected twist.  Upon closing my eyes, I imagined I was being sprinkled with the cum of Neptune himself, and that it was dripping down my face, arms and legs.  What a turn on!  I extended my tongue as far as I could to reach the saltiness all over my face.  I wished – as any Hotwife would -- that the experience was being filmed, and that I could share it with you all.  That prompted another trip to the "masturbating room" as the engines slowed down and we came to a stop.  It was now time to do what we had all come!  The depth of the water was 202 feet and we were all at the ready by our poles.  The ship’s mates passed out containers of clam bait, and we started picking them out and baiting our hooks.  The clams were very slippery, and that – with my newly freed Hotwife mind -- I thoroughly enjoyed.  The guy next to me said he was surprised by how much I seemed to be enjoying baiting my hook.  Draw your own conclusions about what this all means, but the whole process was titillating to me.  Should I be worried that I was that obvious?  I guess I just enjoy having something moist and slippery between my fingers (and other places!!!).  After hooks were baited, we dropped our lines into the water and waited.  My friend Charlie caught two fish, but only one was a keeper.  Diane and Kimberly didn't catch anything.  Me? Well, I caught two fish.  Unfortunately both, a cod and a pollack, were too small to keep and ended up being thrown back.  I looked at the mate who assisted me with that task, and asked him what difference size made as they all taste good.  He really didn't have a satisfying answer, saying only that it was the rule.  Hmmm, does the size of the fish really matter?  They're all so special and all taste great.  Perhaps it has to do with how you eat them.  If that sounds suggestive, you’re probably right. LOL!  So, I was deprived of my catch but not of this glorious day on the ocean with my friends.  I got home close to midnight and immediately took a walk with my Hubby James to tell him all about my day.  It was very satisfying to see my stories produce a bulge in his pants… a great hard-on that I soon thereafter took full advantage of.  No wonder I slept so late this morning.  With that said, I end this blog, which I hope you all enjoyed. Talk with you again soon!
Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

P.S. I am very excited about launching my first-ever, brand-spanking-new clips store later this week. But I couldn’t wait to let you all see me in my “naughty mode”, so decided to share this picture of me being myself for the lens of my Hubby James' camera.  I really do hope that you will cum check out my videos -- and that you cum and cum again!