Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cellar Cex

Hello Sexy Friends,

My new clips "Cellar Cex, Part 1 & 2" are now up in my store.
This is the first in what we hope to be a series showcasing my pre-Lusty Louisa days.  When these private playtimes were taped, never in a million years would I have thought that I would be showing the world my homemade porn.  But here’s the first batch in all its glory.
The setting for these first two particular clips was a rainy afternoon. I remember thinking to myself "how would I like to spend this time?"  The answer was most predictable: "I'll dress up sexy, dance, and then fuck my horny hubby James!"  Of course, being the sexual animal that he is, it didn't take much coaxing to get him to "play" along.  Actually, I should say that it took no coaxing at all.We've both known for the 18+ years that we've been together, that whenever I dress up in lingerie, provocative attire, or regular clothes worn in revealing and suggestive ways, all of which we've come to collectively refer to as "playwear", well... something else ends up "going up" too -- lol! (Through the years, I've accumulated quite a selection of naughty clothes as a result of this.)So I dressed up in one of my sexy outfits (something that I adore doing), covered myself in a long leather coat (you can't give it all away at once, ya know!) and began acting on the fact that he was ready (more like panting!!!) and waiting rather impatiently.  I'm really bad when it comes to not letting my sexual playmate pounce on me when his body and mind are yearning to dive in, but you know what they say -- Good things "cum" to those men who wait.  Isn't that how it goes?  OK, so this happy slut can sometimes be a tease, but it's a build up that always finds it's release... and sometimes the explosions of erotic energy can be memorable, to say the least!

Anyway, after some fun, playful teasing, I reveal myself and let him have his first taste of me.  His tongue feels so good when I know how much he is craving and -- not so subtly --devouring the nectar of my own arousal.  The way he works his way around the various parts of my pussy, and slides the tip of his tongue way into my love-tunnel, affects my entire body as though I were on a massage table.

As things progress, I decide to put on some music that I can fuck to.  Have you ever fucked to music?  Let me tell you, when I put on music with a good beat, I find myself falling into the "I'm going to fuck you to the beat" zone.  It's an unbelievably fun, sexy, and sometimes delightfully dominating place to be.  I'm sure that you'll be able to see how the music affects me.

It felt so good spending the afternoon the way I wanted... enjoying my favorite past-time -- fucking -- and everything else that felt right at the time.  What could be better!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy "Cellar Cex" with Hubby James and myself and all that we did to pass the time during that rainy afternoon.

Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

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