Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Big Max" Presents his BBC

My first clip with Big Max, "Big Max Comes Over to Play, Part 1: Outside" is coming soon to my store at www.clips4sale.com/store/42438.

Here's how it came to be.

One recent weekend, I had the pleasure of filming with porn star and producer "Big Max". Getting all slutty with him (and his "Big Thing" -- lol!) turned into an especially exciting event for me.

Of course, just getting ready to meet someone new to film with and fuck is always a fun process: I love going to my rack of play/film clothes, with my growing assortment of high heels and fuck-me boots scattered below, to decide what sexy slut-wear will make this Horny Wife feel her baddest.

And by that I mean, what will best turn my guest on.  I love my collection of play-wear, and have a special fondness for tops I can let my tits spill out of, and very, very short skirts -- the ones that barely cover my crotch.

I want to make hot juices build up behind his love spigot so I can later assist with the pressure release. Ooohhh Yesss...! Give it to me Baby!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  When planning for this shoot, Hubby James and I wanted plenty of time to relax and get to know Max before getting down to filming, so we invited him to cum over to our own humble abode.

As he arrived around mid-afternoon, I was very impressed with my first glance at this Big Man.  He was well-dressed, adorned with earrings (which I love), and had a presence that exuded sex, power, smarts, and gentleness… a winning combo to say the least.  He in return, seemed very pleased with the sex package (Me!) presented to him.  And that felt so good!

To my delight, within minutes of entering our home, Max showed me his BBC, and I did gaze... closely!

His was the biggest cock I ever had the privilege of meeting. Thanks Max!

I couldn't wait to taste this black, thick monstrosity, so I did not restrain the impulse.  Gliding my tongue along and around his seemingly endless cock skin, I savored my first taste of what was to cum, and wondered how deeply I could suck his thing down my throat.

But there were many things to be done before we got down to the dirty business I'd been waiting for, so I had to pull back and be patient for my first real, free playtime with Big Max.  That was hard.

James helped Max unload bags and equipment from his vehicle and started the process of getting things set up for our afternoon and evening of fun.  Since it was a beautiful, sunny fall day, we decided to take advantage of the relative seclusion that the many bushes out in our backyard offered, and do a little filming. Yay, finally!

We strolled from the back door to the area designated for this hot outdoor fling and got right into it.  Max is a very dominating person which was a nice change for me.  Usually, I’m the one who takes control but it did feet great submitting to this Big Black Daddy!!

While sitting in the chair James had put out for this purpose, I started working my mouth on Max's BBC, but after some introductory licks and sucks, he took control.

He grabbed hold of my hair and directed my mouth to do his, um… bidding.  I gladly heeded to his commands and soon found myself deep-throating his massive cock.  I’d swear the head of his dick hit my vocal cords.  What a nasty thrill!!!

He cock-whipped my face, fucked my breasts and then stood me up (in a good way – lol!), turned me around, and fucked my pussy from behind.  As my ears heard "Oooohhhh Fuck!" several times, I knew my tight pussy had succeeded in making yet another guy’s cock feel the pleasure nature intended.

With the daytime filming "in the can", we all decided it was time for supper break and some discussion over what exactly we wanted to accomplish for our evening shoot.  Munching down on some well deserved pizza, diet coke and wine, James and I got to learn more about who Big Max was and his experience producing porn.  I was honored to be filming with him and told him so.

For the evening shoot, we would first play on a couch and then really get down on a bed.  With cameras and lights ready, it was time to have some FFF - Fucking Fun Filming.  I'll tell you all about those shoots in my next blog, and be sure to include plenty of pictures!

I hope you've enjoyed this story about my fun time with "Big Max" and that you will stop by my store to view and purchase my first clips with this hot-shit gentleman porn star.

Till next time, be naughty and have lots of sex.

Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa