Monday, December 20, 2010

Gettin’ Down on the Couch with Max

Now, why would anyone want to do that?  LOL!  Hey, I’ve got an idea: I can tell you about it here, but even better, I can show you!  It’s all right there on my new clip “Big Max Comes Over To Play, Part 2: On the Couch.”  Coming soon to my store at

Big Max and I made no effort to behave anymore this time than we did in the first clip of this series, “Outside” (see my previous blog, and that clip in my store).

And the couch WAS, by the way, considerably more luxurious than that lawn chair, so we were ready to misbehave in cushiony comfort!!!
But first, with the “Outside” daytime filming done and "in the can", we all decided it was time for a supper break and to talk about what we wanted to accomplish for our evening shoot.

Max and I eased our way into the action after having done the earlier shoot and taking a break, but I’ve got to tell you, my pussy was just begging me to let this BBC enter again and take over. 

When he’s inside my love tunnel, there’s no room for anything else!

Of course, when he did it, the sensation was fucking fabulous.

Pretty much, I felt filled up -- and fulfilled -- right off the bat (on his fat Bat lol), but I wanted more.  Some big surprise, huh?
Going down several times on Max, I played, licked and sucked his super-cock, and had fun spreading my saliva all over to make it especially slippery – oh so good for Louisa handling and Max fucking.  Yes!  And besides, a nice shiny dick looks so hot on film, doesn't it?

Sometime into the fun, and without my prior knowledge, Max did a thing to me that I’d never experienced before...he stuck a few fingers up my hole and -- to my surprise -- made me squirt!!!

Okay, so I’m green. I admit it. I've never squirted before. But let me tell you, this was a feeling like none other I had ever had. Frankly, I had doubted that I ever would.

On the other hand, my sexy girlfriend Hotwife Kay did tell me that if anyone could get me to spray like a juicy fruit, it would be Big Max.  Well, she was definitely right.

Not only did he do it once, but a few minutes later had me squirting again.  It was gggrrrrrreat!  And such a lovely mess too!

Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

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