Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Day of Deep Sea Fishing

Hello to all my new sexy friends,Thanks for visiting my Blog! Wow, was the weather great on Saturday for a perfect day of deep sea fishing with three of my coworkers.  We met at my place around 10:45 a.m., and packed everything up into my friend Diane's vehicle.  We had coolers, cameras and binoculars, and homemade orange glazed poppy seed bread.  The ride down went fast as we all had adrenalin flowing for the activities of the day.  Not surprisingly, my own visions included how exhilarating it was going to be meeting men who knew how to bait their hooks, and where to go to find their catch.  My kind of guys!!  Anyways, after getting to our destination, we checked in and had a delicious lunch on the wharf.  Well, let me tell you, a few heads turned as I gently slid my french fries in and out of my mouth one-by-one to get the salt off them before moving in for that bite.  What fun I had making eye contact with a few men while my coworkers were none the wiser.  We boarded the boat at 3:20pm and headed out at 3:30.  The trip to our fishing spot took about an hour… time enough for everyone to kick back, enjoy the sights, and enjoy themselves in whatever way they wanted to (well, almost!  LOL).  I sat near the side of the boat with Diane, Kimberly and Charlie and put my feet up so that I could feel the full affect of the suns rays beating down on my body.  Soon, a feeling of heat flowed over me with a sensuality I hadn't experienced before.  It was so fantastic that I had to excuse myself, find the women's restroom and masturbate to complete this enjoyable experience. The ship was noisy, so I didn't think twice about moaning a little while straddling the toilet and stimulating my clitoris with saliva-coated fingers. This new Hotwife state of mind is liberating, to say the least!  Why else would I be pleasantly surprised by the huge, knowing smile given me by a guy standing outside the door as I left.  Ooops!  In my past life, I probably would have been mortified to be found out like that!  But it's a new world for me, and I LOVE IT!  What a great moment of interaction and pleasure I had given myself and him.  These little things are now so wonderful!  I went back to sit with my friends whom all smiled upon my return.  If they only knew.  A little further into the trip, the wind started lifting spray off the ocean that was hitting everyone.  A lot of people chose to go inside the cabin, but I decided to sit and enjoy the spray, allowing it to accumulate on my exposed skin.  Before too long, the feeling started to take an exciting and unexpected twist.  Upon closing my eyes, I imagined I was being sprinkled with the cum of Neptune himself, and that it was dripping down my face, arms and legs.  What a turn on!  I extended my tongue as far as I could to reach the saltiness all over my face.  I wished – as any Hotwife would -- that the experience was being filmed, and that I could share it with you all.  That prompted another trip to the "masturbating room" as the engines slowed down and we came to a stop.  It was now time to do what we had all come!  The depth of the water was 202 feet and we were all at the ready by our poles.  The ship’s mates passed out containers of clam bait, and we started picking them out and baiting our hooks.  The clams were very slippery, and that – with my newly freed Hotwife mind -- I thoroughly enjoyed.  The guy next to me said he was surprised by how much I seemed to be enjoying baiting my hook.  Draw your own conclusions about what this all means, but the whole process was titillating to me.  Should I be worried that I was that obvious?  I guess I just enjoy having something moist and slippery between my fingers (and other places!!!).  After hooks were baited, we dropped our lines into the water and waited.  My friend Charlie caught two fish, but only one was a keeper.  Diane and Kimberly didn't catch anything.  Me? Well, I caught two fish.  Unfortunately both, a cod and a pollack, were too small to keep and ended up being thrown back.  I looked at the mate who assisted me with that task, and asked him what difference size made as they all taste good.  He really didn't have a satisfying answer, saying only that it was the rule.  Hmmm, does the size of the fish really matter?  They're all so special and all taste great.  Perhaps it has to do with how you eat them.  If that sounds suggestive, you’re probably right. LOL!  So, I was deprived of my catch but not of this glorious day on the ocean with my friends.  I got home close to midnight and immediately took a walk with my Hubby James to tell him all about my day.  It was very satisfying to see my stories produce a bulge in his pants… a great hard-on that I soon thereafter took full advantage of.  No wonder I slept so late this morning.  With that said, I end this blog, which I hope you all enjoyed. Talk with you again soon!
Juicy Smooches,
Lusty Louisa

P.S. I am very excited about launching my first-ever, brand-spanking-new clips store later this week. But I couldn’t wait to let you all see me in my “naughty mode”, so decided to share this picture of me being myself for the lens of my Hubby James' camera.  I really do hope that you will cum check out my videos -- and that you cum and cum again!